Chinese herbal medicine

I absolutely love herbalism and want you to be comfortable and intrigued by the options available to you at the clinic.  I will usually recommend herbs if I feel they are appropriate for you but if your interest arises before we have that conversation please ask!!  Herbal formulations are created just for you using granular herbs or raw herbs.  There are benefits to each form that we’ll discuss during our time together.  I source as many organic and wildcrafted Chinese herbs as I can as I believe our medicine should be of the highest quality available.

All herbs are purchased from reputable companies that do heavy metal, pesticide and thin layer chromography testing on their herbs to ensure the highest quality and that they're true to species.

diet + lifestyle

Diet is a central component to Chinese medicine and each ingredient has it’s own flavor, temperature and organ correspondence.  The way we put ingredients together, cook our food and eat all impacts those properties and changes the way our food and our body interacts.  Are you a vegetarian with lots of gas and bloating?  We’ll probably talk about reducing your intake of salads and smoothies and incorporating more warm, cooked foods to nourish your Spleen as cooked foods are generally easier for our bodies to break down and assimilate.  

We’ll talk about your diet and other lifestyle changes that can be made during your treatment.  I don’t like to give people too much to do at once, so we’ll try to pinpoint the changes that will have the largest impact on your quality of life and start with those.  Baby steps.  Unless you want full-on change.  We can do that too!