Working together.

Whether you're seeking relief from musculoskeletal pain, help regulating your menstrual cycle, navigating menopause,  igniting your digestive system, or managing your emotional climate I'm here to assist you in finding balance.  Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the oldest medical systems in the world and offers as many paths to health as there are people to experience them.

I aspire to empower you to be active and curious about managing your health.  Education will be at the forefront of our work together and often you will leave your appointment with homework for the week, whether that’s taking herbs, doing a qi-gong movement, keeping a food journal or doing more of something that makes you happy!  I believe that I can only do so much — I want you to have all the resources you need to make the lifestyle, dietary and mind-body changes you desire so you can continue doing what you love and living the life of your choosing.  

My goal is to provide you with exceptional health care and education regarding East Asian medicine through lifestyle and dietary counseling and thoroughly explaining treatment plans so my expectations meet yours.   I don’t know everything but together we will listen to your body, follow the changes and grow our understanding of what’s going on together.  

Acupuncture, tuina and Chinese herbalism can be beneficial for a wide range of emotional and physical conditions and can be used safely and in conjunction with Western medicine, physical therapy and chiropractic treatments.  You don't have to choose.  Our medicines compliment each other and I am looking forward to being an integral part of your healthcare team!


*It is the policy of Wildcrafted Acupuncture & HERBS to treat all patients and not discriminate with regard to disability, race, color, religion (creed), national origin (ancestry), age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.